Mountain View Sundecks Warranty Info

Complete deck construction, vinyl decking, railing, enclosure systems, patio covers and canopy installation are all warranted to be free from defective workmanship and materials for 5 years from the date of installation. This warranty does not include repair or replacement due to misuse or abuse. Repairs made by other than our own representatives absolves us of further liability under this warranty.

Manufacturers Warranty Info

DeckRite offers a 7-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Lifetime Aluminum Products offers a manufacturers warranty.

Product Warranty:

Sunrooms and Solariums provide a 20 year warranty on all of their painted extruded aluminum components against cracking, blistering, peeling, crazing, or loss of paint adhesion. Our insulated ponywall material comes with a 10 year warranty against the same conditions as mentioned above. our sealed units, in any of our sunrooms or solariums, are protected by a 10 year warranty against the failure of the seal of the unit. (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE GLASS IN ANY ROOF SECTION.)

Patio Covers and Insulated Roofs – provide a 20 year warranty against the above mentioned conditions on any of their painted material, extrusions or rollformed.

Acrylic or Glass skylites – Sealed unit skylights have a 2 year warranty against failure of the seal. Acrylic skylights have no warranty as they are not a sealed unit.

Aluminum Railing Systems – provide a 20 year warranty against the above mentioned conditions on any of their painted materials or extrusions. Conditions: These conditions cover all of the “Liftetime” product warranties: they are based on the supply of materials only.

NOTE: None of the above include warranties or guarantess on the installation of the materials and are only warantied based on the installation being done correctly and to Lifetime specification and engineering.

There are no arrangements in this agreement for products shipped to any jobsite for downtime, missing parts, damage in shipping, or any delays.


Product warranties are only valid provided AAA Aluminum Products Ltd. has been paid in full for the product of that job and or the Dealer’s account is in good standing.

Agreements or warranties are non-transferable.

All warranties are on a pro rata basis, which means all the product is covered 100% the first year and divided equally over the course of the warranty to equal 100% depreciation.
e.g. 20 year warranty = 100% coverage the first year, 95% second year, 90% third etc.
e.g. 10 year warranty = 100% coverage the first year, 90% second year, 80% third, etc.