Should You Repair or Replace Your Deck?

Should You Repair or Replace Your Deck?

As an outdoor structure, your deck will age at a faster rate than most indoor structures. Wooden decks are especially prone to rotting and pest damage. A well maintained deck will serve you well for 20 years without the need for major repairs. But you will have to decide whether to do major repairs or replace the deck entirely at some point. What considerations should you make when settling on a decision to repair your deck or replace your deck?

What Is The Extent Of The Damage?

The recommended first step is to have the extent of the damage assessed by a professional. The inspection covers the deck surface, railings, under-decking, and the deck foundation. The damage that can be noted includes rotting, pest damage, split timber, soil damage, frost heaving, and so on.

Is the damage limited to a few boards and timbers? If this is the case, repairs are adequate. Is the damage more extensive and touches on the foundational structures of the deck? If this is the case, a deck replacement would be more appropriate.

How Much Would A New Deck Cost?

Because the majority of our decks are built custom to the property and specifications of our clients, but we can say that the majority of decks fall under the price range between $5,000 – $20,000 or more.

The fact is that a new deck adds more value to your home than your current deck. The question would be the cost of the new deck versus the value added. A natural wooden deck costs less than a composite material deck, but factor in the benefits of durability in favor of cost savings when comparing deck materials.

If you have a deck design in mind, you can ask our professional decking contractors to do a quote. Compare this quote to the price of repairs. If the cost for repair exceeds 75% of the cost of a new deck, it would be better to replace the deck altogether.

What Are The Continued Costs Of Deck Repair and Replacement?

There are yearly maintenance costs that come with a deck. It is important to factor this in your considerations. An old deck will need more work each successive year than a newly installed deck. This is more so with wooden decks. A new deck will cost more to install, but the maintenance costs will stay low for the next 10 years or so.

Even a new wooden deck is bound to be cheaper in maintenance than an old one. Compare your projected maintenance costs against what it takes to install a new deck, keeping in mind the value added by the new deck to the home.

It is important to seek an expert opinion when deciding on whether to replace or repair your deck. This will help you avoid unnecessary costs.


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