What Is The Proper Deck Building Process?

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What is the Proper Deck Building Process?

A deck is one of the most desired home improvement features. In fact, a good quality and well-designed deck adds significant value to a home. A good deck offers functional space for leisure and adds a sense of style to the house. But putting up a good deck is all dependent on building it following the right procedure. How do you go about putting up a good quality and well-designed deck?

The Design Phase

This is the planning stage. It is where you decide on the size, style, functionality, deck materials, and features for the deck. Will there be an all-weather shelter on the deck? Will it have a fire pit or a grill? Will it be multi-level or single level?  

This is where you discuss what is possible and what is not. It is recommended that you call in a decking contractor when doing the design because the builder has a professional eye for available space, slope, and compatibility with the home’s design. This is also the phase in which you decide on the material and style of the deck versus what your budget can afford.

Obtaining The Permits

The deck design must follow the local building codes as set by the bylaws. If there is a Homeowners Association (HoA) with bylaws, you also need to run the plan by the HoA to get the necessary approval. You need to ensure all necessary permits are obtained to keep your deck legal and safe.

Deck Construction

The actual deck construction is the builder’s responsibility. The usual steps in construction are;

  •    Digging the footings

A power auger or a post-hole digger is usually used to dig the holes according to building codes. Wet concrete is then poured into the hole. J-bolts are set into the wet concrete in the center of the footings.

  •    Setting the beams

The next step involves setting beams in the footings. These large beams are secured by the J-bolts. The beams are cut at the desired height of the deck.

  •    Laying the joists and decking

The first joists are laid on the beams for the deck platform to take shape. Intermediate joists are then placed to provide the surface for laying the decking. Builders can also lay plywood before placing the deckings in some instances. Decking is then finally laid, with end boards resting on the intermediate joists.

  •    Installing railings

Railings are also required based on specific heights, space between pickets, and space between railing posts. Check out the City of Calgary’s rules for decking here.

It is good to remember that building the right deck is only possible when you engage the correct building contractor. Would you like to build an amazing deck? Contact Mountain View Sun Decks for a deck that will be the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of.

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