Product: Choosing the right product is always the first step to ensure your deck is durable and enjoyable. There are many brands and products on the market. We make sure we provide you with the best products the market has to offer. All the products we choose for you are roofing grade quality and top of the line, which means reliable for resisting the harsh climate from extreme cold, extremely hot and direct sunlight.

Why you need roofing grade vinyl:  According to the building code, roofing grade vinyl is the only vinyl allowed to install on top of roofs, decks or patios when attached to the home. Roofing grade vinyl membranes will last longer than non-roofing grade vinyl membranes and are less likely to fail under harsh climates like extreme cold, hot, and direct sunlight, protecting not only your deck or patio but also the living or storage space beneath it.

Brands we carry: 2 manufacturers, 4 product lines, 46 colours to choose from.

If you are in need of Vinyl Deck Replacement services, including vinyl membrane replacement and repair near you, contact our expert team today.

For three decades, Tufdek Supreme & Designer series vinyl membranes are strongest and longest lasting vinyl membranes in the world, designed for professional waterproofing contractors. Their unique low VOC aqueous based-inks and a polycarbonate top finish not only improves the stain resistance and cleanability but provides better U.V. resistance resulting in longer lasting, more vibrant colours.

Two other lines-Tuff Shield and Econodek are also top of their line.

We are thrilled to be a “Authorized Tufdek Dealer” to provide you the highest level of product and service.

Deckrite is Canada’s most complete sun deck vinyl supplier. They have over 30 years of experience manufacturing of the highest quality sundeck vinyl.

Deck rite has been our supplier for over 20 years. We trust their quality and service through these 20 years experiences and feed backs received from our clients.

Granit Colored Sun Deck | Mountain View Sun Decks
Large Extior Sun Deck With Glass Railings | Mountain View Sun Decks
Small Furnished Sun Deck With Bar Railings | Mountain View Sun Decks

Workmanship:   Having the best products on your deck, is only half of challenge in being able to have a high quality deck. Workmanship plays an even more important role when you expect a long lasting deck. We make sure our installers are professional and we don’t cut corners to make it cheap-which would otherwise most likely cost you more money to fix at a later date or even re-do your deck plus damage to your house or storage when it does fail.

To make sure your deck will last the longest time possible, we will:

  1. Make sure the deck has a proper slope, so that the water will drain off. If not, We will either create a stronger slope, or install a drain or scupper into your deck;
  1. Make sure the surface is suitable for vinyl installation.

Vinyl can be installed on many different surfaces.  Normally, our vinyl decking is installed on top of ¾” good one side plywood, glued and screwed down. Plywood needs then to be sanded and filled to ensure the smoothness.

If the deck is covered with vinyl, we will peel off the old vinyl, check for soft spots and fix them, then apply a new vinyl membrane. Unlike indoor vinyl flooring, you should NEVER install vinyl or plywood on top of existing vinyl, the new vinyl or plywood could get rotten in as short as a couple years, and shifting will occur.

  1. To ensure the proper sealing of the deck, vinyl needs to be run 6” up the wall, behind the building paper. If you have siding or stucco that don’t allow the vinyl be run up the wall, we will remove the siding/stucco, apply the vinyl and then re-install the siding or stucco.

Caulking vinyl onto the wall may cause a failure of waterproofing and may damage your house or storage space from water when the caulking does eventually fail.

  1. The vinyl will be applied properly, seams to be heat welded and flashing being installed along the edge of the deck. There are 3 options of deck edgings to choose from.

When there is a door, a post, or a drain, we will wrap the vinyl around it to secure the proper waterproof.

It is important to know that vinyl will withstand the wet and cold weather after installed. This said however, they cannot be installed when the weather is too wet or too cold.

The vinyl deck can be used/walked on right after the vinyl is applied.

Large Grey And White Sun Deck | Mountain View Sun Decks
Grey And White Sun Deck With Clear Glass Railings | Mountain View Sun Decks
Beige Small Sun Deck | Mountain View Sun Decks

Warranty:   Our vinyl deck surface should last over 25 years depending upon the application, exposure and care of the deck.

We provide 5 years installation warranty plus manufacture warranty provided by the suppliers.

Why Choose Us

  1. All of our products are custom designed and built to fit your house, no one-size-fits-all.
  1. All of our decks are built to last long and with least care in maintenance needed.
  1. We only use the highest quality of materials. Not only the materials you can see, like vinyl membranes, PVC boards, lumbers, railings, stair stringers, but also the material you can’t see, from glues to screws.
  1. We set high standards for installation and all our installers are trained to comply with these standards: We always recommend screw pile footings for decks which never heave or sink; our vinyl will be applied 6” up into the wall for perfect sealing; our aluminum railings and stairs are cut to fit and assembled in our shop and installed on your deck as a whole piece, etc.
  1. All the decks are built to meet the building codes to avoid any potential problems when you need to sell your home in the possible future.
  1. All our jobs will be inspected after they are completed, in order to make sure everything was done properly.
  1. No deposit is requested. You pay after the job is done.
  1. We provide 5 years builder warranty for all our standard products. Plus manufacturer’s warranty.

TufDek vinyl comes with 10, 15 or 20 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Deck Rite vinyl comes with 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Econo Dek vinyl comes with 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.

“AZEK” PVC product comes with a Life Time Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty



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What Our Customers Say

  • “We are very pleased with the work Mountain View Sun Decks did for us. They were on time, efficient and did an excellent job. We highly recommend them for any deck/railing work!"

    Jennifer Foy
  • "Our glass house in the sky" These fellows managed to build our sun room onto a second floor balcony straight up from the outside...The project was finished on time and on budget, despite all the wet weather. Bravo, Mountain View Sun Decks!

    Ian A.
  • Hi Steven, Happy Friday!!!! Just wanted to say hi and that I love my deck. The guys finished up Wednesday evening. I haven't had time to really enjoy my deck yet but hopefully this weekend I will. Thanks again for all your patience and help with getting this completed and to what I was looking for. I have all of July and August to enjoy my deck now and hopefully September. Have a wonderful weekend. April

  • Rebuilt the deck at the back of the house;because of cost we kept the same footprint as the previous deck;workmanship was excellent, the deck flooring is exceptional, almost like the extension of the inside flooring, loved the enclosed stairwell and the changes to the railing; very clean exit after job was complete, no delays in getting the work done;very pleased; in hindsight we should have spent the extra money for a tiered deck that we had in mind.

  • Our experience with the company and its employees, for the most part, has been excellent. The deck was enlarged and updated with dura deck vinyl covering, aluminium powder coated rails and lightly tinted glass over ten years ago, and it still looks great. Additional upgraded railings, opaque glass and a gate were later added. From the initial meeting with the sales representative to the completion of the project, the costs were on budget and on time. The quality of workmanship performed and professionalism of their employees can be considered first rate. The best part of having a Mountain View Sun Deck is not having to do any maintenance, just sit back and enjoy.

  • We had our old deck replaced. Complete removal and new installation. The work was performed during the winter and completed on time and budget to our complete satisfaction.

  • They came and put down my deck in record time. Looks beautiful. It was a difficult job because of a previous contractor had failed. They turned things around and left us very happy.

  • I hired Ewald and his team to replace a old wrought iron circular staircase off my desk with a traditional set of stairs in all aluminum. They were excellent to work with and I'd do business with them again anytime. Very professional, humble, creative, extremely detail orientated and excellent customer service from everyone. Price was fair and nothing negative to suggest about the product or service. Highly recommended!

  • Great staff, great owner, great service....could not be happier with my custom deck they built for me in 2015 and the issues they caught and fixed during the build. A great company and team....I would highly recommend. No corners cut....just quality product and service. Rod C.

  • Mountain View Sundecks installed an exterior staircase from out upper deck to the ground on our house. We were very pleased with this install. They were very responsive, met our schedule and came in at the price they quoted. I highly recommend them.

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