Quite often, we were asked: “Do you have Duradeck?” Well, yes or no. Because it is like asking “Do you have Kleenex?”

Yes, we have “duradeck”, if you are actually asking for “vinyl decking” or “PVC membrane”; No, we don’t have “Duradeck ®”, if you mean that brand of vinyl decking.


The history of using vinyl membranes for water proof decking could be traced back to 1966 in Germany. Since 1974, Duradeck ® has because one of the most popular brand in North America, and providing large variety of products including sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles. Like “Kleenex” to tissue paper, “Duradeck” is often used to refer “vinyl decking” or “PVC membrane”.


For over 20 years of our operation, we are engaged to provide “premium” or “extraordinary” waterproof membrane product and service to our clients, and we are proud to offer two of the highest quality brands of vinyl membranes: Tufdek ® and Deckrite ®.


Since 1986, Tufdek ® provides a very unique line of product. Unlike most of vinyl membrane products in the market, Tufdek ®‘s non-fuzzy back design and special glue/contact cement eliminate the possibility that vinyl may peel off from your deck. . Their unique low VOC aqueous based-inks and a polycarbonate top finish not only improves the stain resistance and cleanability but provides better U.V resistance resulting in longer lasting, more vibrant colours. Together, they make Tufdek ® vinyl the strongest and longest lasting vinyl membranes in the world.

Downside of this product is the installation is a lot harder than regular vinyl products. That’s why Tufdek only provide this product to trained and authorized Tufdek dealer who can provide proper installation of their product. This policy prevents it becoming a “popular” product but ensure it the “highest quality” product.


Deckrite ® is another highest quality brand we carry and trust. It is the traditional fuzzy back product, for easier installation. It’s thickness-60mm vinyl plus 12mm backing, total of 72mm overall thickness, makes it one of the thickest product in the market-which provides not only durability, but also comfort to your feet. Addition to the thickness, formula is essential for the quality of vinyl membranes too. Unlike some other brands we have tried out, Deckrite® has never failed us by peeling, or scratching, or breaking through and after the installation. For over 20 years, we have never received complains about product failure.