What is the Importance of Getting a Deck Building Permit?

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What is the Importance of Getting a Deck Building Permit?

Building and construction activities are regulated in many jurisdictions, even when the building activities are on private property. There are very good reasons for this regulation by the authorities. The building must not pose a threat to the property owner, neighbours, and guests. Every province in Canada has building regulations and a permit is always needed when putting up new structures or making significant modifications to existing ones.

What are the reasons to obtain a deck building permit?

Safety Reasons

A collapsing deck can present a significant risk for you, your family, and any other people on the deck or nearby. A deck permit enforces verification of building plans to ensure that all elements have been properly placed and planned for by the builder (learn more about hiring a deck builder here). The building plans are examined for weight-bearing capacity and other tests that ensure the deck can stand on its own as well when bearing weight.

Insurance Purposes

If your deck is damaged, the insurance will want to know if it was built according to the correct procedures before paying the compensation for deck repairs. A deck without a permit is deemed to have been illegally constructed and is not compensated.

Quality Workmanship

If you know little about building and construction, you will get little understanding from seeing building plans. By taking the plans to the authorities for verification, you are asking the experts to vet that the work is standard and of the desired quality. By having an approved permit, you are assured that the builder is not “cutting corners” and you are getting value for your money.

Selling Value

A good quality deck adds value to the price of a home. If you are selling, this will be one of the features that will enable you to squeeze something extra from the buyer. However, any savvy buyer will want to see a permit for the deck before coughing up the extra. If there is no permit, the new buyer cannot offer anything because the deck will have to be brought down, and is therefore useless.

Being a Good Neighbour

If your neighbourhood has a Homeowners Association, you have regulations for new developments, among them deck placement and size. Your neighbour needs to feel that your new deck is not invading their privacy. Seeking a permit is extending a courtesy to your neighbours to give them a say in your project and ensuring safety for all.

Legal Reasons

A deck without a permit is illegal and can get you into legal and financial troubles. It will attract a penalty, and you will be required to pull it down, which is a waste of good money and effort.

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