What Does Custom Decking Mean?

What Does Custom Decking Mean?

Installing a deck is probably the most worthwhile home improvement project you can undertake to improve the functionality of your home’s outdoor space. It’s worth especially comes out in the warm weather, when you can relax outdoors with family and friends. But not all decks are equal. You can stand out with a custom deck that sets your home apart in the aesthetic value it presents to your guests and the accompanying bragging rights that come with such a premium home feature.

Custom features

The concept behind a custom decking is to have your tastes and preferences in the work as much as possible. This means the colors, decorations and other accessories are made to your liking as much as possible. Unlike the typical decking where the contractor presents several choices to pick from, for custom decking the client and contractor work to come up with a design from scratch.

Landscape consideration

In many cases. Custom decking is done to match unique landscaping designs. The lay of the land is crucial in setting up a custom deck. Does the ground slope, and if so what is the angle of the slope? What type of trees, flowers or other vegetation needs to be cleared to make way for the decking? Sometimes the effort involved in changing the landscape may be so disruptive as to negate the beauty of the custom decking.

Home design considerations

The deck design is supposed to complement the house design in a seamless way, looking a part of the house as much as possible. Where is the deck to be placed? Will it interrupt the views from the ground floor windows? Do any doors or windows need changing to accommodate the deck? How will the deck be accessed from the house? These are some of the home design considerations that would need to be done before starting your project.

Detailed designing

Custom decking involves more work than the typical deck you’ll find around Calgary. The client and the contractor have to work together every step of the way. The contractor will put up a 3D model of the house so that the client can bring out the concept in mind more clearly. After the modelling is done, the replica decking will look exactly as the client desires. The contractor can then go ahead to acquire a building permit and proceed with the work. The duration needed to complete the work usually depends on the complexity of the project.

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