5 Ways To Customize Your Deck

5 Ways to Customize Your Deck

A large number of homes in Calgary have decks, but most of these decks are generic, devoid of personality and unmemorable, just like white doors. A deck should be an extension of your house, which itself should be an expression of your personality. Your tastes and preferences should come out in the style, colours, and materials of the deck. This is a space where you will be spending a significant portion of your leisure time at home, along with your family and guests. As such it should also have custom features for added functionality.

Here are a few ways to make your deck unique and memorable:

Pick A Unique Style

A deck can significantly change your house sense of style, may it be traditional, modern, or contemporary. You can customize virtually every element of a deck;

  • The direction of the boards
  • Railing posts and post caps
  • Posts and baluster spacing
  • The shape of the balusters
  • Size and shape of the deck

It is important to note that you should plan for a custom deck at the design stage. This is possible if you are using a competent and professional deck contractor.

Experiment With Colours

White and natural wood stain is the most common colours on decks. It is safe, but a bit boring and can lack personality. Experimenting with one main colour and two or three accent colours can make your deck stand our. The deck’s colour should match that of the house exterior, but you can play around with colour on the railing, balusters, and posts.

Custom Lighting

Affordable RGB LED lights have opened unlimited possibilities in custom lighting. You can install LED strips under the railings to create a party mood. Make it easier to walk the stairs by installing accent lights at the edges. The good thing about RGB LED lighting is that you can adjust brightness, colour patterns, and pattern rates. All this is done by using a remote or an app on your smartphone. Adjust your lighting to match different occasions and moods.

Deck Furniture

Deck furniture should be functional as well as express your taste and preferences. Metal furniture is always classy and durable. Vinyl is more contemporary, while wood gives a rustic feel. The furniture material should match the overall style of the deck. Adirondack chairs and picnic tables are always popular additions, but you can also add a few lounge chairs to accommodate more people.

Customize For Functionality

Adding a pergola or gazebo makes your deck an all-weather space. A fire pit and a grill makes the deck more comfortable in chilly weather and allows you to enjoy your favourite bites with great views.

Would you like to install a custom deck? Contact Mountain View Sun Decks for professional consultation and installation of stunning custom decks. Be sure to also ask us about our industry-first “don’t pay until the job is done” policy.

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